10 Important Suggestions for Choosing the Perfect Mattress from a Chiropractor in Vancouver WA

mattressIf you suffer from chronic back pain, you know that the right or wrong mattress can make all the difference when it comes to getting a goods night sleep and managing your pain.

Here are a few suggestions to ensure that you get the perfect mattress, and that it lasts for a long time:

  1. Do some online research before going shopping.
  2. Have a conversation with your doctor to see what he or she recommends.
  3. Watch out for gimmicks! There is no medical organization that certifies mattresses as as “orthopedic” or “medically-approved.”
  4. Even if you feel weird about it, take the mattress for a test drive. Lie down on the bed for 10 or 15 minutes to make sure that it feels good before purchasing it.
  5. Remember that firm mattresses are not always what is best for your back and that pillow tops are not necessary the solution.
  6. Adjustable beds are a great investment.
  7. Make sure to ask about comfort guarantees and trial periods before you purchase the mattress. offer a minimum of a 10 year full replacement or non-prorated warranty.
  8. Protect your investment by investing in a mattress protector.
  9. Take the time to check out all variations and options.
  10. Take your business to a store that specializes in mattresses.

As you go about making this important decision, remember that it is your mattress, your money, and most importantly, your back! It is worth your time to get the best possible mattress for the money! You can save big by watching out for sales!

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