Your Vancouver WA Chiropractor Discusses Lower Back Pain in Children and Teens Resulting From Sports Activities

As children age, it becomes more and more common that they may experience a back injury. Early on, they are flexible and resilient to many of these injuries. Here are some causes of back pain that may sometimes occur among older children and teenagers:

Spondylolysis: As sporting events become more and more competitive, their activities more specialized, certain back injuries that cause pain tend to arise. Spondylolysis is a defect of the joint between vertebral bones and is commonly found in older teenagers who tend to hyperextend their backs, like in gymnastics.

Spondylolisthesis: Sometimes, a “slipping” of one vertebra upon another can be found. This condition can last through adolescence and get progressively worse over time. If it results in pack pain and instability, it may require spinal fusion surgery later on.

Disc Injuries and vertebral fractures. Teens who are hard on their spines through gymnastics or school sports may land hard on their feet or buttocks. This force is transmitted to the vertebrae, which can result in a vertebral fracture or damage to the intervertebral discs.


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